Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st Email

Hey Everyone!
Another great week in the Florida Tampa Mission! We met with Daishia this week and she is doing great! We read 1 Nephi 8 with her and talked about baptism and tried to set a date with her for Nov 14 and she said she was thinking more about next week so this Sunday Daishia is getting baptized!! I'm so excited for her she is so ready! Her testimony has really grown and the adversary has worked on her big time but she has not given up at all, if anything it has made her stronger! We got a call from this girl who had met the missionaries at the mall about a year ago and she wanted a Finding Faith in Christ DVD because she is starting to look for another church. So hopefully we will be able to meet with her this week and show her around the church. Tim is doing great! We went over a couple days ago and read another 4 chapters out of The Book of Mormon with him and he loved Lehi's Vision and the symbolism in that chapter (1 Nephi 8). Things in his life are starting to work out for the better and so hopefully that will open up some more time for him both for school work and to meet with us. Saturday morning my companion Elder Alber woke up to a big zit on his cheek and wanted to go to Target to get some medicine for it and 2 min after we walked in the door this lady approached us and had been trying to get a hold of missionaries. She was from Washington state and was a member and was down here because her daughter was getting treated in the hospital and the mom wanted a blessing. Her daughter is less active and doesn't have much faith in blessings but the mom wanted help from the Lord. It was a great spiritual experience to be apart of that. Interviews with President Summerhays were this week and it went fantastic. I was the last one he interviewed and i have never had a better interview and according to what he said neither had he. He is a great man and i know i was meant to serve for him. He really cares about the missionaries and knows that through that caring that they will work hard and that everyone will benefit from the results.
I Love You All
Elder Salmon

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