Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29th Email

Hey Everyone,
This week has been a rough one but has had its good times. On Tuesday the Institute held their monthly bbq and it was a great success. Elder Alber and I gave 7 church tours! It was so much fun to take people through the church and let them feel of that great spirit there. There was this young family that came in with their 4 and 1 year old daughters and as we were walking through and talking about the church they asked how they could become members! That only happens in the church movies haha. So they will be attending one of the family wards here but it was so exciting to be apart of that. I also gave one to this guy named Keith. The guy was hillarious and was very into everything we had to say. He asked for a Book of Mormon before we had the chance to offer. He was in Sarasota this past weekend but we should be meeting with him again this week. We haven't taught Tim for a while and figured he wasn't very interested anymore and then we get a text from him wishing us a "Happy Thanksgiving" and then right after "I'm defending the church right now." He then called us and we answered a lot of the questions and arguments his family had while they were having their Thanksgiving dinner. It was a blast, not only was I fed very well but I was spiritually fed on Thanksgiving. We had Thanksgiving at a members house, Marc, his mom isn't a member and he recently returned from the Denver Colorado North Mission about 2 months ago now. A couple weeks before when we first went over she wasn't too happy for us to be over but after dinner we felt that she didn't have that wall up anymore and she really likes us now. We also played in the Tampa Stake Turkey Bowl and it was a blast and I am still sore. We tore it up! Elder Alber and I alone had a combined at least 15 TD's both on offense and defense we were able to score. I dove for an interception and whiplashed my head pretty bad but luckily it didn't start hurting until after we were done playing haha. I've been thinking a lot about what Elder Richard G. Scott said in his conference talk, “We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day. “ I am really trying to change a lot of my old habits and ways so I can be closer to my Heavenly Father. It's been a struggle this week our zone just didn't get much done and it's frustrating but I'm trying to turn that frustration into "what can I do for them to turn around and work hard." It's a lot harder than it sounds and is gonna take some time but I know if I go forward with a sincere heart the Lord will provide a way for Elder Alber and I to help our zone. I love you all and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Elder Salmon

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