Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 15th Email

Hey Everyone
Just another one of those weeks in the mission where you just keep marching forward. Transfers are this coming weekend!! It seems like yesterday Elder Alber and I started the transfer! As far as that goes we are pretty sure that we will stay together at least one more transfer (through the holidays.) This week was Zone Conference and it was a blast. President and Sister Summerhays really make the trainings fun and spiritually uplifting. We have been studying the Fourth watch. The Savior, in Galilee, fed five thousand from five loaves and 2 fishes. He then sent his disciples ahead of Him to cross the Sea of Galilee in a ship which is soon tossed with the waves in a contrary wind. He did not come to them in the first, second, or third watch of the night. They are left to struggle. I am sure, with all their might, against the storm tossed sea -strengthening their muscles, hearts and wills until they have done all they can do. Then in the early morning, during the fourth and last watch He comes walking across the turbulent waters; first to build and strengthen their faith and then to calm the wind and sea. The end result of this experience is a group of disciples who are tired but strong in body and spirit. They also know that He will come to strengthen them in difficult circumstances after they do all in their own power. They are becoming disciples of courage who, in the not too distant future, will stand strong and faithful in the face of difficult circumstances to build up the early Church of Jesus Christ. They will exhibit great power and perform many mighty miracles in their future ministry. They will be men of courage and strength. In Mathew’s Gospel this is the first time that they expressed their belief that Jesus was the Son of God! “of a truth thou art the Son of God.” Tim is still progressing at his own pace but needs to really take the time and come to church. We have appointments with Nathaniel and Jennifer this week. We meet both of them seperately while tracting and we had talked with them a little bit before on campus! Maybe they'll realize that its not just coinsidence that we have run into them twice now. Crystal is still doing well but is afraid to talk to her dad about baptism so we are going to continue to meet and pray for her to have the courage over one of the breaks to ask her father to let her be baptized.
I Love You All
Elder Salmon

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