Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey Everyone!
So this week has been insane! To start off we went to a members house for dinner and had a lesson after. We finished the lesson and were just talking and i fell asleep! haha Just sitting there listening i totally dozed off so the member starting laughing and clapped and i jumped and was totally embarrassing but hillarious. then we had a lesson with this investigator named gail she is an older lady that has been investigating the church for the past 10 years and finally wants to be baptized we just got to get her to go to church. after the member that accompanied us took us to his house for lunch and fed us nasty!! i hate shrimp!! so i had to choke it down uuggghh! so our toilet has had like no water pressure so finally a plummer came by and a root had grown up through our plumming system and it was huge! i'm attaching a pic of it with email. so we visited a less active named jim wellen who said he was way close with the Osmonds and he fed us and whipped out a huge collection of every Osmond record there was. and while we were talking he had us listen to "the plan" haha i was laughing but he said he is in contact with marie but as the night went on i think he was just an obsessed fan. so here is the juicy part of the email. thursday i got a call from president colton telling me that he was bringing in a fourth missionary and it would be my new companion. this missionary had only been out 3 weeks but his trainer was really disobedient and he wasn't learning anything so he now is having me train elder sharp from los angeles california. he is a great kid and wants to work hard just hasn't been given the opportunity so i told him i'm gonna whip him into shape. the ap's called me when they were about to drop him off and told me that they had told him that i only had one arm so i hid my left arm in the back of my shirt and elder sharp totally believed it! haha it was awesome to see his face when i caught him laughing and got all offended saying what you laughing at? you laughing cuz i have one arm and you have two? i could still take you with this one arm so you better respect? so he went quiet and i couldn't help but bust up laughing and brought out my other arm and he thought it was hillarious. so the sisters had us tract this ghetto neighborhood by martin luther king blvd. and for those who don't know much about MLK those streets are the most violent streets in every city. so personally i was pumped! i love teaching black people! haha its like way sketchy (kinda scary) at first but afterwards i just wanna just tract gang neighborhoods haha we got to teach so much on doors and have some investigators that have the potential to really progress.
i love you all
elder salmon

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