Monday, June 7, 2010

hey everyone
transfer calls were this past saturday and my time here in zephyrhills has come to an end. i have been called to be a district leader in the clearwater area and i have to give a training on wednesday!! crazy!! well this past week has been an eventful one. we had a huge storm that came in and we had just got in our car from tracting and as we were saying a prayer it just dumped on us. the winds were insane, trees got thrown and houses and roofs torn apart and we talked to a member and i guess a mini tornado had touched down just outside of town. it was so sweet!! we had a investigator we tracted into, invite us over for dinner and a lesson so when we had gotten there she had cooked us each our own game hen! it was so good! i've never eaten so well and let alone at an investigators house haha. the lesson went great and she was amazed about the first vision. we are supposed to meet with her again this week but i won't be here haha. we are still teaching tracy and he and I have gotten way tight the past couple lessons. i give him a hard time and joke with him cuz we have similar personalities so he dishes it right back. we had to push his date back to the 19 cuz we haven't met with him enough to prepare him for this saturday but i told him i'd make it back for the baptism. we also tracted into this lady named cindy. as she opened the door she was really surprised to see us. she asked us if we just heard her praying because after her prayer we had knocked on her door. i love experiences like these! she's gonna take a while she has to give up smoking which she already agreed to and she needs to not talk so much in the lessons. we only get 1 or 2 principles in each hour in a lesson. elder cheever and i were talking a couple nights ago and i was telling him how much different this transfer has been compared to the ones in the past and he made a good point that i'll never forget and i'll pass on to other missionaries. he told me when i was first out i was all about the fun of the mission, fun has an end, its temporal. what i'm doin now is i'm having joy in the work which like in gal. 5:22-23 is eternal.
i love you all
elder salmon

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  1. Hey, Todd, my niece is a non-member and lives in Sarasota now. Do you work in that area, too?
    Karen Laitur