Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21st Email

hey everyone
its great to hear from all of you. it really helps me to know i have all that support at home. this week was great. elder gordon and i have been tracting like mad men and i'm not making this up this past week we have put over 100 miles on our bikes. my legs are jacked now! i'm ripped from the waist down and fat from the waist up haha. we have 12 new investigators going into this week! we have some bad news though. elder king who is in the other clearwater area who has only been here 3 months is goin home for 6 then coming back. he's taking care of some things first. i'm glad i was here though. he and i had a 2 hour conversation last night about how to handle everything and everything he needs to do at home to be ready to come back out and be ready by the time he lands. the lord is really blessing me with opportunities to share my experiences and my testimony and help other missionaries. this past zone conference was the last time i will get to see the coltons before they leave on the 30th. it was really weird. i'm excited to meet pres and sis summerhays and see what they are goin to do with this mission. we set a date with a lady named corina but then dropped her cuz she refused to talk to us or let us come by. it happens. i'm not here to drag people into the gospel i'm here to find the elect and plant seeds. the field is white and ready to harvest! so with elder king gone it'll be me elder gordon and elder bailey in this whole area. it'll be hard but a lot of fun! sorry so short we are taking off to go ball it up!
love you all
elder salmon

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