Wednesday, June 2, 2010

this is gonna be short only have a 30 min time limit. sorry this is so late everyone it was memorial day on monday and the libraries are closed and yesterday we were so busy we didn't have time to email. we had a great zone district meeting this morning and i actually helped with the training as far as talking to the missionaries in our zone. i've been helping the past couple weeks to put them together but they wanted me to help train this week. it was a blast! i requested in my presidents letter to stay here but other missionaries said i might head to apollo beach to be with elder hyer before he goes home so either way i'll be happy. doris wasn't baptized last week the radiation is has really taken all her energy. we visit her every other day she still wants to be baptized but just doesn't have the energy yet. debbie was baptized on saturday and it was amazing! i have now been in a font, the ocean, and now a pool on my mission and it was aloud! haha. we went to church last sunday and i talked to this guy who didn't seem familiar and just made some small talk. so i had the feeling after the sacrament meeting i needed to ask if he was a member or not. so we confirmed debbie and after the bread and water the man, his name was tracy, came up to me and elder cheever and asked to come out in the foyer with him. so when we got out there he had told us that his in laws and wife are less active members and he has come to church a couple of times and after seeing debbie's confirmation he wanted to know what he had to do to be baptized! holy cow! its unreal! so we taught him and set a date for the 12th of june. the only problem is with his work schedule right now we can only teach him at church so depending if that changes or not we may have to push it back. i'm learning humility and am being like a sponge to learn as much as i can from anyone to help me know and teach this gospel. i'm sorry its so short.
i love you all
elder salmon

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