Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Email

hey everyone
so this week has been a hard one. a lot of the storm from hurricane alex is hitting us and its been raining for 4 days straight and us being on bike this past week has made it hard to do a lot of work. we have had to bike through it twice and it was so much fun. we got so drenched! haha there wasn't a dry spot on me within the first 5 min of biking. so we had short interviews with president and sister summerhays and they are awesome! he is very laid back and loves all the missionaries on a personal level which is a little different from president colton. they and i both get along really well and interviews were so great i really got to let down my walls and open up to president. by the end of the interview i made a deal with him that if i get a golfing investigator he is gonna take us out for nine holes haha so i'm pushing for it. we met a man named scott this past week and talk about golden! he was talking about the atonement to us instead of us teaching him then he invited us in and said that he believes that christ visited the native americans and people all over the world after he was resurrected! how crazy! he's out of town till the 13th so we'll be there the 14th. this is a little off subject but we were playing ball last monday and all this biking is really paying off. i dunked it! haha i didn't like throw it down but as i layed it in i grabbed the rim! it was awesome!! but gail who we have been teaching is meeting with us this thursday to set a baptism date for the month of july! finally! after the ten years of her investigating the church we finally got her to want to be baptized! elder cheever called me the other day to let me know that tracy from zephyrhills is getting baptized this sunday so i'm gonna be heading up there this weekend to see him enter that waters of baptism!! it is so great! thats all i have for this week.
i love you all!
elder salmon

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