Monday, July 12, 2010

hey everyone!
week six is already here! its crazy! this transfer has been hard but definately one to learn from. this past week while we were at institute we were learning out of the doctrine and covenants the lessons we are sent to learn. sis diar related it to us and his son that is on his mission. we are here not only to bring people the gospel but to be put through our tests to mold us to be great husbands and fathers and great priesthood holders in the church. i'm goin through everything i am on my mission not to punish me but to make me a fine tool in the lord's hands for the rest of my life and after. i got to do a study and a blitz with the palm harbor elders earlier this week and while elder bartschi and i were tracting martin luther king in palm harbor we were coming up to a group of guys at their cars and what looked to me like no good elder bartschi being a greenie from Idaho was like aren't we gonna stop and talk to them. so i was like alright I hope the Lord will help us haha. sure enough we got closer and it was a drug deal haha. we got about 20 feet away and a guy across the street yelled and said to come over and talk to him. we got over to him and he was all you don't wanna be over there right now. so we ended up teaching him a little bit and then we were on our way. later this week we tracted in to a woman named towanda. we went back to teach her on saturday and she was just leaving to go finish her laundry. but her sister yelled from inside and asked about us and what we were doin. so we told her and then i just asked what she was doin tomorrow afternoon and she said nothin so i said you should come to church with us tomorrow and she said sounds good and she brought her whole family! it was awesome and she is already making donations!! (tithing and clothes for families in the ward) so we are goin to teach them this evening and hope to set dates with them. our ward mission leader is a chiropractor and he brought his fellow doctor to church and we can get free adjustments all we want haha i need one so bad ha. but she loved the services so we will visit them this week and hopefully will start teaching her. her name is jenny. i love you all so much!!
elder salmon

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