Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26th email

hey everyone
this week has been a great one. monday we started off dressing up gangsta for basketball and then robbie and his family were able to come down and take us out to dinner. and did they ever haha they took us to this smokehouse called smokey bones. this place is amazing! and is talked about across the whole mission and i was able to go! we ran into a part member family 2 weeks ago and the husband who is not a member asked us to help him with some service so i was all over that haha. so we ended up digging out a fence and then putting up a new gate in his backyard. he rewarded us with some bbq brauts. man they were so good!! he loves the church just can't except joseph smith and the things he did. we're goin to keep in touch and keep showing and telling him the great benefits of the church and hopefully in time it will work. in one of the upcoming conferences they will announce that they are changing or i should say adding to the way we teach out of preach my gospel. so this next tues-thurs from 9-4 i will be up in tampa with the other district and zone leaders bein trained on this new stuff. we had a stake missionary and ward council meeting and now hopefully the missionary work in the ward will start picking up.
i love you all
elder salmon

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