Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st Email !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone!
HOLY COW I'VE GOT 11 DAYS LEFT!! It's such a crazy feeling! We got transfer calls this past Saturday and I'm heading up to Tampa 3 (USF Campus again!) for my last 10 days! And I will be serving with Elder Alber and staying with the assistants Elder Cook and Johnson and helping them in the office. This has been an amazing week! We went to visit the Headricks this past week and some of their friends came over and 2 of them came to church and are just eating up the Book of Mormon! I've never seen this much excitement to read the Book of Mormon by someone who has never heard of it. But to them it makes SO much sense on why there were Prophets on this continent guiding the people. Elder Carroll who was being trained in the other side of the Naples area had to go home because his seizures started acting up. He is a great missionary and he is looking to come back in a few months and I hope he does. Elder Nielson is getting transfered up to Winterhaven because he needs to get surgery on his menicus because it is torn and a member of the stake presidency up there is an orthopedic surgeon and President Summerhays is hoping to get everything done while he is out here. Sarah got baptized on Saturday!!!! It was such a great experience! I was blessed with the opportunity to do the baptism and the confirmation! She is amazing! And I'm so excited for her and the things she will be able to do for the church. We taught Angy yesterday and she is still golden as ever. She's afraid of what her dad is going to say because he is really close minded but as we talked with her about we came to an agreement that the best way to handle it is to have her mom talk to him because she is extremely supportive. I'll see you all next week!!!
I Love You All,
Elder Salmon

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