Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 20th Email !!! LAST TRANSFER !!!

Hey Everyone,
This is my last transfer on the mission!!!! Time has flown!!! Transfer calls were Saturday and I am being transfered to Naples with Elder Nielson for my last hoorah haha. I'm really excited because I've always wanted to serve with Elder Nielson and didn't think it was going to be able to happen before I left. I tried to get him up here to Port Charlotte because I really do love it here. I've really grown close to the people here and I know that I'll be in touch with a lot of them for life. It was really hard saying some goodbyes to some families yesterday and it'll be hard again today. Bill is still struggling. He had been keeping us in the dark about him smoking and his daughter who is a less active but is really supportive of him joining him outted him to us this past week so hopefully soon he'll enter into the waters of baptism. Sarah is amazing! We had some great lessons with her this week. She is going to be one strong member! She is joining for the right reasons and is really taking faith and repentance to heart and is doing it the way we all should. I'm excited for her, she'll be baptized in no time. Yesterday at church I wanted to test where she was at so I told her she better invite me back for her baptism and without a beat she replied of course! She is so ready. Well we had an interesting Saturday outside of transfer calls. One of my companions caught an alligator by the foot on his fishing pole and reeled it in. It was pretty big a good 4 feet long and heavy. Well a neighbor called it. We released it not knowing someone called the police and went inside cleaned off and headed to the car to go out and work for the day and 5 sheriff's and 2 fish and game officer's showed up and I guess catching a gator and all that is a felony in of my companion's has a court date this next month and it'll be for a misdemeanor for "possession of a reptile" haha. We've talked to members and they said they usually just give you a fine and nothing will go on your record. I'm not being charged so I'm clean and good to go thankfully. When all that was said and done looking back it was pretty funny haha we are in the newspaper and as I am emailing you now no joke people are out in the library not knowing we are in the lab talking about the Mormon Missionaries that caught and alligator haha.
I Love You All,
Elder Salmon

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