Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 13 th Email !

Hey Everyone,
This past week has been yet another great week. Blessings all over the place! Literally, we have been giving blessings like crazy! Larry was confirmed yesterday and received the Aaronic Priesthood. The Ward is really taking care of him and helping him progress, it's really great to see. Bill has a date to be baptized this Sunday! He's been clean for over a week now and is really wanting to be a member of this church. While we were over at his rehab center for his hip we were given permission to give him the Sacrament and we asked the male nurse for some bread and he brought it in and asked if we could pray with him and his wife. His wife was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her kidney and bladder. They joined us for Sacrament and afterwards we taught them about the Priesthood and the Restored Gospel then proceeded to give her a blessing. Afterwards they were both in tears and knew that they had felt the Spirit of the Lord and we will continue to talk with them as we visit Bill each day. Sarah is doing great! She knows it's true but she just hasn't felt ready to take the plunge yet and that's totally cool with us, so we are going to continue to be there and help her along until she is ready. We had another amazing spiritual experience this past week. A young family in our ward called us over because the wife was 7 months pregnant and she had gone to the doctor and her baby had an irregular heartbeat and her and her husband were both worried and wanted a blessing. I was blessed to be given the opportunity to be the instrument in the Lord's hands for the blessing. I don't remember what was said but I do remember the power of the Spirit I felt. A few days later she went in for another appointment and the baby is totally healthy. The Church is true, our Savior lives, and the Priesthood, the power and authority to act in God's name has been restored on this Earth in this Church at this time.
I Love You All,
Elder Salmon

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