Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th Email..... TRANSFERS !!! Hello Port Charlotte Florida

Hey Everyone,
Transfer calls were this past Saturday and I'm sad to say that I'll be leaving the Tampa Bay YSA :(. I'm off to Port Charlotte and I'll be serving with Elder Olsen who will go home 10 days before me and Elder Spendlove which this coming transfer will be his second transfer in the mission. It'll be a good change but at the same time I never wanted to leave this area. I was able to however leave this area with a bang. This past week we had our monthly BBQ and Elder Cook and I took big signs that read "FREE BBQ" and pointed people into the church. We had the New Tampa Elder's waiting for non members and would give them a church tour. While we were out there I was dancing and doing the jerk and stanky legg and it was a blast!!! The BBQ usually lasts for and hour and a half, a half hour into it they made us come in because 1) They were running out of food and 2) They had more non members then the Elder's could handle. To be honest we gave 22 church tours between the 4 of us and we didn't have enough missionaries to get to all of the non members! Bro Patrick who is the Institute Instructor told us we need to teach the new Elder that is coming in how to dance and advertise on the corner :). We also had Bull Market this week which is a thing at USF where all the clubs, frats, and sorority's put up booths to bring people in and we had a booth there with the members. We started to offer people free Bibles and if they said yes we would follow up with offering The Book of Mormon. 9 times out of 10 they would say, "Sure what is it?" Elder Cook and I can answer that question all day and we did. We ended up teaching about 20 lessons that day!! We met with Crystal this past week and she set her own date for the 23rd of April!!! After 11 years of investigating the church she wants to be baptized!!! I'm so excited!! She is awesome and so solid! This area is finally taking off and from the work we did this week we had 5 people show up to church on Sunday! Speaking of which we had Mike and Anthony show up on Sunday and Mike is about to get his Phd in Religious Studies and we had a 3 hour discussion and WE were teaching him haha. Every question that you hate to answer as a missionary got asked, how did God create intelligences in the Pre-Earth life? Kolob? The cursing on the Lamanites? Heavenly Mother? Curse of Cain? Evolution? Polygamy? Becoming God's? Temple Ceremonies? Where did God come from? Yea it was a long discussion haha but if anything it was a great testimony builder for me to realize the simplicity of this Gospel.
I Love You All,
Elder Salmon

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