Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31st Email !!

Hey Everyone,
It's been another busy week here. Monday we had P-day and played basketball then had a fun family home evening with the branch at the church. We played this game called the human knot which was a blast but really funny at the same time. Tuesday we were setting up for our Institute BBQ and we received a text from the mission office saying that they received info about a severe weather and tornado warning so we had to go home and stay in for the night. The tornado touched down in a couple places in the mission but not close by which we were hoping it would. Wednesday we had Interviews all day and then Stake Correlation at night. Interviews were great though I love being around and talking with President he is just a really loving and caring guy. After our trainings we played hang man with Sister Summerhays while waiting to be interviewed. Apparently she has won the past couple of years of Fantasy Football in her family and was telling us how her kids where glad that she was gone so they could have a chance to finally win haha. Thursday - Sunday we had to work extra hard cuz we hadn't been able to work for the first 3 days. We committed three people to come to church to come to realize after that it was Stake Conference in Brandon which is about a half hour drive away! Hopefully we can meet up with them again this week and get them to come this coming Sunday. Friday night we were able to go to a member's home, Mikayla. She cooked us her homemade from scratch chicken pot pie! I had never had it before but it was amazing!!! Then she made us chocolate almond cake! Another first for me and it was delicious! :) We were able to talk to her about patriarchal blessing's. It was a great lesson and I love talking about those because it really has blessed my life and guided me as to where I need to be heading in my life. Not only that but in Stake Conference yesterday they talked about patriarchal blessings. If she decides to get it soon or just in this Stake sometime it'll be a great experience because my Great Grandma Salmon's brother Will Redd was just called as the new Stake Patriarch! We are also teaching a guy named Aiyan. He is a friend of a member that is just solid. He has a muslim background but is very open. He loved Stake Conference yesterday and just had a few basic questions that Elder Cook and I were able to answer and is going to read and pray about The Book of Mormon. He lives in Georgia but comes down to visit family almost every weekend so hopefully we will see him again this weekend.
I Love You All!
Elder Salmon

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