Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17th Email !!

Hey Everyone,
This past week we were able to be in a 3 day leaderdship meeting down in Sarasota. We learned a lot about the member work and got to go out in the evening and practice on members that we were assigned to teach. We got to teach a young family the Leavitt's. Such a great family! They had a 6 year old daughter and twins that were 4. We did an object lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Lesson 3 in PMG) for the kids and afterwards did a short lesson on the importance of daily family prayer and scripture study. The Spirit in the room was incredible! You could tell by the look in the parent's eyes that they knew the importance of it and wanted to start. As Elder Cook and I bore testimony the Spirit filled the room and you could see some water in the parent's eyes. I'm so excited to start member work there is a different Spirit when it comes to teaching members. It's such a great experience! Elder Cook and I got a phone call the day before the meetings from the assistants and were asked to give a training to the missionaries about church attendance. We weren't excited about it but put forth a good effort to prepare and we felt like we did pretty good. Elder Gibbons from the Seventy came and gave trainings on member work as well. He said that one of the latter day miracles was our missionaries -That they could be faithful and worthy in this latter day world that we live in is indeed a miracle. He reiterated to us missionaries, “You are worthy spiritually and morally. You are an elite, elect spectacular group. But, he also told us that we can always do better.
He reminded us that our calls were seriously considered by those having the keys and that each call is a personal call. He also reminded us that we were all set apart-In D & C 36:2 And I will lay my hand upon you by the hand of my servant.. The Lord’s hand has been laid upon your heads. Wow it was so powerful to hear a General Authority of God tell that to us face to face. The trip was pretty fun after meetings as well because they had us stay in Sarasota the whole time and so there was about 70 missionaries total and in our one bathroom apartment there was 12 elders. It was a blast! And I think I'll just leave it at that ;) We started teaching Crystal again and are just helping her gain a testimony of The Book of Mormon.
I Love You All
Elder Salmon

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