Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18th Email

hey everyone
its week 1 already gone by again. it feels like i was here just yesterday telling y'all about transfers. things here are still going great. elder alber and i are loving working together and trying or best to stay at the level we have been all transfer. president called us and told us that we are doing the best and the most consistent in the mission! we are trying to keep humility and keep working. it usually happens that once someone says something like that that it starts to go down but we will continue to strive to keep the work progressing. the highlight was brittney was baptized yesterday! and i was able to do my first confirmation! she is such an amazing girl! she has such an tremendous testimony about the church! it was great to see the change the gospel made in her life. i have never seen the gospel make such an affect on someone's life as it did her's. she is so happy and its really rewarding to see the difference now from when we first met her. she came up to us last night after a fireside and told us that we were the coolest haha it seems so simple but it was something that just made my mission! i was so happy! i love this church and it has made such an impact on me being out here. my testimony grows so much everyday.
i love you all
elder salmon

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