Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11th Email

hey everyone
this week has flown by so fast that i don't even remember what all happened! we had another leadership meeting this past tuesday to be taught about the new things to preach my gospel. it went great we talked about and practiced ways to committ people to the book of mormon and keep that committment. we had exchanges this week and elder rhodes went to new tampa and elder nielson came to tampa 3 with elder alber and i. elder nielson is a stud. he has been wanting to go tracting on campus with us this whole transfer and finally got the opportunity this week. so at the beginning he saw how we did it and then for a little bit elder alber and i sat down on one of the benches and told him go get us some investigators and he was on fire. he got us 3 numbers and 2 appointments. oh and this is only his second transfer. elder alber and i have really hit our stride together this past week. we gave 5 church tours and set 2 more dates for the 24th of october. we taught these haitian sisters tatiana and lovely and before we started the lesson we asked them if they had been looking for a church and there reply was yea and we will be here every sunday! man all the hardship and trials are worth it when you get to see so many accept and want to learn more about the gospel. brittney is going to be getting baptized this sunday. she is doing great!! she is awesome and i am so excited for her to receive all the blessings for making this change in her life. i love this church and i love my mission!
i love you all too!
elder salmon

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