Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27th Email

hey everyone
another week has gone by and i'm just living it up here in florida! we had another successful week here in tampa 3! we had two church tours this week. first was to a guy named jefson who when we knocked on his door told us to come in and teach him so we did and invited him to the church building. the lesson went great and he was out of town yesterday but is coming to play ball with us today. we also taught a girl named rochelle. she is wanting religion in her life and needs that guidance through this big part of her life. tim is progressing great. he has given up the worldly things we just got to keep him off. he is taking us to a rays game on wednesday and i'm pumped! the kid is a stud! he's way smart and picks up on what we are teaching, after our lesson we went outside and threw the ball around a little bit. gotta love the mish. pierre is getting baptized next sunday! he is excited as are we. we had a talk with him last week telling him he needed to be more committed if he wanted to be baptized and he has. britney is on fire. we taught her the second lesson and she came to church yesterday and loved it. she said the plan of salvation just makes sense and again said to us why haven't i heard of this church before? the gospel is great and is for everyone. my companions and i have started lifting and working out hard again to get back into shape. we wanna look good when we get back :) don't worry we aren't taking away from the work! why would we?! but time is flying and i had to hit the weights sooner or later!
love you all
elder salmon

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