Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13th Email 11 Months to go !!!

hey everybody
this week has been a good one but humbling at the same time. the Lord thought we were getting a little cocky and i'll admit i was getting a little on the big headed side and so this week we had 4 church tours and 3 lessons fall through. but we are staying positive and working hard. we have a lot of potentials its just getting them to progress is the hard part. elder kikuchi came and did a mission tour and it was amazing! he is such an energetic speaker! the meeting was from 9-4 and i was tuned in the whole time. he talked a lot about our morning habits and how that has not just a huge influence on your missionary work but also your habits for the rest of your life. we also went over how to simplify our teaching and having our lessons more interactive instead of preachy and it has worked. we are teaching a guy named tim and he came to church yesterday and we committed him to be baptized on the 26th and he is absolutely golden. he is looking for a potential wife with high standards and something that will help him be guided through school and raising a family. what better way than through the true church!! i feel so blessed to be in this gospel and i see that it has benefited more and more each day. i love being a missionary!!!
love you all so much!
elder salmon

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