Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th Email !!!!

Hey Everyone,
Sorry this letter is going to be a little small. We are in the mission office with the assistants and are going to go play basketball and they just got out of their meeting. So we started off the week by playing ball on campus and met quite a bit of people from Utah who were out here selling security systems. Then Tuesday we had a BBQ for Institute and we gave 5 Church Tours!!! It was awesome!! We had Zone Conference this past Wednesday and afterwards one of the other Zone Leaders asked if we were ready for Stake Correlation that night and we had totally forgot so we ran back home and typed it up and made it on time haha. This past week has been a little rough because I started to get stomach pains on Monday and they just wouldn't go away and got really bad Thursday morning so I ended up spending the next two days in the Doctor's Office getting 2 blood tests, 2 CT scans, and other tests to see what was going on and to make sure it wasn't appendicitus. Which as of right now it's not. My stomach is getting better so it's all good. We had a great lesson at a member's home last night. They invited 2 of their friends over to watch a movie and little did their friends know that it was going to be Finding Faith in Christ with the Missionaries. And I want all of you to know that for dinner we had cucumber and spinach salad and I ate it haha and it actually wasn't too bad at all.
Hard work works! One blessing of working effectively all day every day is that hard work reveals your capacity. The harder we work, the more we will understand what our capacity to work is and then that will allow us to work even harder. BUT, we must work smart. Hard work and planning and goal setting combined result in greater success.
I Love You All So Much
Elder Salmon

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