Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30th Email - ZL now and transfer to Tampa

hey everyone
sorry this week's email is going to be a little short cuz i'm doing email at a library and i'm timed. we got transfer calls this past saturday and i have been called to serve in the tampa 3 ward on USF campus young single adults as a zone leader in the brandon north zone with elder alber. also elder alber and i will be training a brand new missionary that we will pick up tomorrow morning. i'm so nervous about this load of responsibilty that has been given to me. but i know that with the Lord's help i can do all things. this past week has had its many ups and downs.
at the beginning of the week it rained all day everyday from monday - wednesday. normally its not too bad but it was bike week and they were some pretty heavy storms. thursday we finally could leave and we were on a role. we went out and taught 17 lessons at doors. and got 3 new investigators. we were determined not to come home till we had 10 lessons and we were able to pass that easily. i had a special opportunity to teach with someone very close and the experience is one i will have for the rest of my life. i won't be able to go into details now but i was really nervous going into the lesson but afterwards i felt a lot of gratitude for the experience that not many missionaries get. we met with bro hoard from our ward and he wanted us to go on the ward temple trip with them so he called president and president gave the ok as long as i gave a 15 min presentation on the elder perry program to the ward and helped with the temple tours. wow! the orlando temple is amazing! such a great spirit on those grounds. bro salyer from our ward is a member and his wife isn't. she loves feeding the missionaries and when bro salyer told her we were going to the temple trip she said she'd go. ( she had said no the first time he asked) and she loved it! she felt the spirit! bro salyer came to church the next day in tears because when he had woken up that morning she was already awake crying. she was so full with the spirit and amazed at the example of the church that we as missionaries were that she was just so happy all she could do was cry. bro salyer has been trying so long to get her in the church. he wants to be sealed to his wife and its just so great to see the spirit work in their lives. i have a testimony of temples and the spirit that is there. no words can ever describe it but i know it is familiar to us all.
i love you all
elder salmon

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