Monday, May 24, 2010

hey everyone
this upcoming week is going to be an exciting one! we have 2 baptisms!! doris is getting baptized on tuesday and debbie is on saturday! its awesome to so quickly see the fruits of your labor! speaking of labor we had 2 opportunities of service this past week. elder cheever and i were heading to a place to go tracting and drove by this lady who was mowing her lawn and so we pulled over and mowed it for her in our shirts and ties haha holy cow was a sweating like a mad man! but it was great and i had a lot of fun doing it. we were talking with a recent convert about it and they wanted us to help them with their yard. so later in the week we went over and helped them and i'll send pics home. we had breakfast at the mcpherons and brother mcpheron cooked us biscuits with chicken gravy and hash browns and scrambled eggs. it was amazing! he is gonna give me the gravy receipe so i can cook it when i get home. at the beginning of the week i was a lil over 180 lbs! so i have been working out and got back down to 175. so we were teaching doris this past week and she shared something with me about what happened while i was giving her a blessing last week. she said when i sealed the annointing she felt the warmth of our hands go through her whole body and while i was giving the blessing and her eyes were closed it went from dark then turned to a bright white light. it blew me back in my seat and i couldn't believe it. the spirit testified to me and told me how powerful the priesthood really is. the church is true!!! since i have been out here i have become OCD. my bed is made right when i wake up, everything i own is always organized, i wash dishes before i use them, i carry hand sanitizer and use it so much through the day, haha its funny but i'm serious i don't know what happened but i feel a little bit ocd. anyway i love you all and all the support
elder salmon

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